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Is it dangerous to eat self-picked mushrooms?

  1. Yes, it is better not to pick mushrooms in the wild and eat them. The poisonous species are sometimes almost indistinguishable from the edible ones. This is difficult even for experts. Every year, many people end up in hospital because of poisonings from self-picked mushrooms. Eating poisonous mushrooms can lead to symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and in very serious cases it is fatal.

Wild picking

  1. Every year there are about 100 reports of eating poisonous mushrooms in the Netherlands. Most reports concern children aged 1 to 4 who have eaten a poisonous specimen. The poisonous green tuberous manite (c), not to be confused with a mushroom. Source: In addition, according to the law, it is illegal to pick mushrooms in most places. They are field fruits and therefore the property of the owner of the land.

In the shop

  1. Mushrooms that you buy in the store, on the market or from a grower are safe. The Dutch eat about 3 kilos of mushrooms a year. And there is more and more choice. The white mushroom is the most commonly eaten variety, but chanterelles, oyster mushrooms and shiitakes are also increasingly appearing in shops and specialty stores. Most mushrooms are available in stores all year round.

  1. Bake or cook mushrooms It is better not to eat mushrooms from the store raw. The toxin agaritine occurs naturally in mushrooms. A few slices won't hurt, but it's better to bake or cook them.

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