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Is my child's BMI (Body Mass Index) healthy?

  1. Do you want to know if your child has a healthy weight? The BMI (Body Mass Index) provides an indication for this. BMI is calculated in the same way as for adults. However, the limits for underweight, healthy weight and (severe) overweight are different than for adults. In addition, these limits change with age in children and differ for boys and girls. When you fill in the BMI meter below, you will immediately receive advice for your child. The BMI meter is for children from 2 years old.

What to do if you are underweight or (seriously) overweight?

  1. Ask the general practitioner, school doctor or the health clinic for advice if your child is underweight or (seriously) overweight. Do not go to work yourself to make your child gain or lose weight. It is important that children get the right nutrients to grow. A doctor can refer your child to the right healthcare provider for help, for example to a pediatric dietitian or a pediatrician. If you have any doubts or questions about the weight of your child, you can always contact the general practitioner, school doctor or the health clinic.

Calculate BMI yourself for children

  1. You can calculate the BMI yourself by dividing the weight of your child in kilos by the height squared. For example, your child is 1.20 meters tall and weighs 22 kilos, then you calculate the BMI as follows: 22 kilos / (1.20 x 1.20 meters) = 15.3.

BMI varies by age and gender

  1. BMI limits change with age and differ for boys and girls. This is due to growth and the change in muscle and fat mass. The images below show how BMI limits change with age.

Hindustani children

  1. Other BMI limits are used for children of Hindustani descent. Hindustani children, for example, are lighter due to their physique. On the page Hindustani children and BMI there is an overview of these BMI limits with accompanying advice. Read more about healthy weight for you: baby toddler and toddler child aged 4-13 adolescent

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