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Is raw water healthy or dangerous?

  1. Raw water can contain bacteria or parasites. This can make you sick. This is because raw water is not filtered. Raw water is therefore all water that comes directly from nature and that you drink without further treatment. As far as we know, raw water is not for sale in the Netherlands. In America it is for sale.

  1. Raw water is not healthier There are stories that drinking raw water is healthier than tap water. It would contain more healthy minerals, which have been filtered from tap water. But tap water still contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. And minerals can also be obtained from many other foods such as vegetables, fruit and milk.

Bacteria and parasites in raw water

  1. Diseases can arise from bacteria in unfiltered (raw) water, such as the E. coli bacteria and salmonella. It can also contain parasites, worms and certain chemicals that can make you sick. In the Netherlands, we remove dangerous bacteria, parasites and, for example, medicine residues from tap water. We thus prevent people from getting sick. Tap water is very safe and must meet very strict requirements from the Drinking Water Decree.

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