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Is spelled bread from the supermarket really that healthy?

  1. Spelled bread is a health hype and supermarkets such as Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Plus deliberately respond to this. Spelled bread has been proven to contain much slower carbohydrates than normal white or brown wheat bread. Since Kris Verburgh's Food Hourglass was released, people are increasingly looking for a substitute for the not so nutritious white wheat bread. However, spelled bread from a supermarket often consists mainly of spelled flour instead of spelled flour. In addition, there are no strict regulations regarding spelled bread, which means that many supermarkets mix the spelled flour partly with wheat flour or flour. As a result, the spelled bread you buy at the supermarket may not be that healthy at all.

Why should spelled bread be healthy?

  1. Spelled bread is generally grown more sustainably than wheat, so less pesticides and less fertilizer are used when growing. In addition, spelled bread, like wholemeal bread, has a lower glycemic index, which means that it causes the sugar level to spike less. Subsequently, the spelled grain is less cultivated, so that it generally contains more nutrients such as proteins than wheat grains. Finally, there is also less gluten in spelled bread than in wheat bread. All these health benefits

Where can you buy wholemeal spelled bread?

  1. As Kassa research shows, most supermarkets cannot be trusted in this area. They use the hyped name of spelled bread to sell at a higher price breads that are as unhealthy as white wheat bread. When you buy spelled bread from an artisan bakery, who actually knows what grains the bread is made with, you have a greater chance of getting your hands on a healthy wholemeal spelled bread. As long as the legislation has not yet been amended, however, as a consumer you are still in the dark and the purchase of spelled bread is mainly a matter of trust in the seller.

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