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Is superfruit high in antioxidants healthy?

  1. It is still unknown whether eating a certain type of fruit, such as goji berries, açaí berries and pomegranates, has a positive effect on health. All fruits contain vitamins, minerals and fiber. The composition differs.

Chance of diseases

  1. Eating enough fruits and vegetables lowers the risk of heart disease. Eating fruit is also associated with a lower risk of lung cancer, colon cancer and type 2 diabetes (diabetes). It is not yet completely clear why fruit reduces the risk of these diseases. It is probably a combination of substances. So it is important to vary. Tips to eat more fruit.


  1. There is so far insufficient evidence that antioxidants help to fight diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. It has been shown that taking antioxidant supplements does not provide additional protection against disease. In some studies, the risk even seemed to increase.

You can say one product is healthy?

  1. You cannot really say whether it is is healthy. It always depends on how much or how often you eat it or drinks. We can therefore say whether a product fits in a healthy diet. Read more

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