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Is vegetable fat always healthier?

  1. Liquid vegetable fats contain less saturated fats than animal fats and are therefore healthier. In addition, vegetable oils contain more healthy unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fat lowers the bad cholesterol in your blood and thus reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease. This does not apply to solid vegetable fats, such as coconut fat and vegetable margarine in a wrapper. Examples of vegetable fats with a lot of unsaturated fat are olive oil, sunflower oil, low-fat margarine and margarine from a tub and frying fat and margarine from a squeeze bottle. Vegetable fat with good unsaturated fats can be recognized if it is soft or liquid at room temperature.

In the Wheel of Five or not?

  1. Most vegetable oils such as olive oil and sunflower oil are included in the Wheel of Five. In the section Spreading and cooking fats you will find more tips and explanations about the fats that provide health benefits.

How much fat in oil, butter and margarine?

  1. The table below shows how much fat is in the different types of products. Amounts are per tablespoon (10 grams). Product (per 10 grams) Saturated fat (gram) Total fat (gram) In the Disk of Five? Vegetable Liquid Baking and frying fat from squeeze bottle 1.2 9.8 Yes Olive oil 1.4 10 Yes Sunflower- oil 1.2 10 Yes Vegetable Spreadable Margarine from a tub 0.9 4.5 Yes Halvarine from a tub 1.2 3.9 Yes Vegetable Fixed Coconut fat or coconut oil 8.2 9 No Baking and frying fat from a package 2.2 7.5 No Margarine from a package 3.4 8 No Animal Fixed Butter 5.3 8.1 No Ghee (clarified butter) 7 10 No

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