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Is white wine bad for your blood sugar?

  1. I have a very fluctuating blood sugar level. I try to get this under control by not eating any added sugars and drinking less white wine. I would like to know how bad (dry) white wine is in a diet of as little added sugars as possible. And also how white wine relates in terms of sugars to fruit juices that are as pure as possible, which I started to drink more after I stopped using the white wine.

  1. Anita Mulderij, nutritionist It's great that you try to keep your blood sugar level by not eating any added sugars and drinking less alcohol.

Lots of sugars

  1. It is better not to drink fruit juices or alcohol if you want to control your blood sugar level. Fruit juices contain more sugars than wine. They provide a fast peak. Instead, replace these fruit juices with vegetable juices, they are a lot healthier and keep the blood sugar level much more stable. Drink them slowly with small sips and preferably with a straw. Or opt for (green) tea without sugar. Alcohol lowers blood sugar. After a glass of dry white wine, your blood sugar will be lower, while it will rise again after an hour or two. Now and then a glass of wine should be possible, but always drink a glass of water with it.

Snack with fat or protein It can help you to regularly eat a snack that contains proteins or natural fats such as unprocessed nuts, seeds, kernels, but also a boiled egg, a portion of fatty fish or some raw vegetables are ideal to eat if you want to control your blood sugar. Good luck, keep it up

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