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Itchy birthmark: symptoms, cause and treatment

  1. An itchy mole is not an immediate cause for concern. However, itching on a birthmark is something to keep an eye on. Birthmarks are a normal and benign phenomenon and are accumulations of pigment-forming cells in the skin. Birthmarks can be brown or black in color and can appear anywhere on the skin. Most develop in early childhood and early adulthood. A person can have up to 40 moles by the time they reach adulthood. Birthmarks can change, but this is very slow. Birthmarks can change color, become more raised or hair can grow in them. In some cases, birthmarks never change, while others slowly disappear. All of these behaviors are considered normal if they happen gradually over many years. An itchy mole is often caused by harmless factors, such as friction or dry skin.

What are birthmarks?

  1. Normal phenomenon Birthmarks

Types of birthmarks

  1. Birthmarks form from cells called melanocytes. These are the pigment cells that give your skin its color. When the cells clump together, they form a dark spot. There are a few different types of birthmarks

Causes of an itchy birthmark

  1. Irritation and friction

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