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Just tested: Cream against stretch marks

  1. Until 37 weeks into the pregnancy, my stomach was fat, but there was no sign of stretch marks. In week 38 the first welts appeared and after the delivery my stomach was covered with stretch marks. Cosmetic brand Maria Galland promises improvement with the cream soin anti-vergetures 419. Time for a test!

What does it promise?

  1. The cream, which is rich in active ingredients, counteracts stretch marks that arise during and after a diet or after pregnancy and helps to reduce existing stretch marks. A restructuring active ingredient complex promotes the elasticity of the connective tissue. The appearance of stretch marks - their depth and shape - is visibly improved, the skin relief refined. The skin becomes supple, soft and smooth. For perfect results, massage soin anti-vergetures 419 into the affected areas of the skin twice a day until the cream is completely absorbed.


  1. I gave birth to a son almost a year ago. Only now do I start lubricating. For the first two weeks I faithfully rub the cream on my stomach twice a day. Indeed, the skin immediately feels smoother and softer. He is certainly not smooth yet. Normally I never rub my belly with a body lotion, so I am not (yet) convinced that the smooth and soft feeling is specifically due to the cream from Maria Galland.

The effect

  1. After two months the cream is finished and the result is impressive. The stretch marks have visibly diminished and my stomach looks tighter, smoother and more beautiful.


  1. The cream really works. You will never get rid of stretch marks completely, but this cream will certainly make your skin look better. View the photos and judge for yourself

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