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Kidneys, improve kidney function

  1. The kidneys have an important filtering function in the body. Kidney function can be reduced for several reasons. If the tissue in the kidneys is damaged for a long time, recovery is no longer possible. When kidney damage occurs, it is therefore important to find the cause and, if possible, treat it. In addition, measures can also be taken yourself, for example by adjusting the diet and lifestyle.

Kidneys, function and function

  1. Source: Dream designs / How the kidneys work

Measure kidney function (GFR)

  1. The ability to filter the blood is measured by performing blood tests. When the kidneys are not functioning properly, this is called renal insufficiency

Change lifestyle

  1. Use of salt

Sodium Bicarbonate

  1. Sodium bicarbonate, also called baking soda or baking soda, has been reported to have positive effects on the functioning of the kidneys and the reduction of kidney stones. However, taking sodium bicarbonate leads to water retention. This puts a heavier load on the kidneys and puts even more pressure on their functioning. Studies have also shown that the presumed basic effect is immediately reversed by the acids in the gastric juices. Therefore, in case of kidney problems, do not use sodium bicarbonate without consulting the attending physician. This warning also applies to the use of sodium bicarbonate in the case of heart problems, edema formation, liver diseases and pre-eclampsia.

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