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Kosher: do Jews eat kosher for health reasons?

  1. Non-Jews have many problems to understand or explain the kosher laws of the Jews. Either they totally reject the Kashrut rules because they are old-fashioned or nonsensical or they come up with incorrect reasons to explain these rules. For example, one of the most common reasons that kosher foods are healthy. Kosher food appears to be healthier than non-kosher food, but this is not at all the reason why Jews eat kosher. Research has even shown that a slice of ham may be healthier than a kosher chocolate bar. Moreover, Jews who eat kosher are not physically healthier than non-Jews who eat non-kosher. Why then did G-d command the Jews to eat kosher? Simply because G-d wants this. There is no explanation for it. Kosher rules are among the chukim laws that are inexplicable.

What is kosher food?

  1. Suitable food Kasher / kosher is the Hebrew word for 'suitable'. Kosher food

What is the Jewish view of pigs?

  1. Jews do not eat pork because G-d does not want it

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