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Lemon balm, a magic herb

  1. Lemon balm has a wonderful history. It used to be used on the floor to repel odors and insects but became best known when monks turned it into Carmelite water. The honey from this plant was gold in ancient times. And now we make lemonade that caresses the tongue. Lemon balm has been a joyful herb through the ages.

Lemon balm, the magic herb

  1. Lemon balm was brought to Spain by the Arabs in the 7th century and has since been cultivated in other parts of the Mediterranean. Two other species of the genus are native to the area to the east of the Himalayas.

What can you do with lemon balm

  1. Lemon balm is a beautiful herb, it has soft green leaves and fine white flowers. In the past people only used the leaves, but nowadays they mainly use the flowering tops without the stems. The low concentration of essential oil is just right. It has a calming effect, which is why the herb is valuable in the treatment of insomnia, digestive problems and nervousness. It is easy to take, you draw tea from the bruised leaves and drink a cup in the morning and evening. You can also remedy stomach pain as a result of tension and it improves digestion. The herb also helps with menstrual cramps. When using the Carmelite water, put 20 to 30 drops in a glass of water.

Moss Agate or Peridot

  1. Which stone goes with the lemon balm? We now know that lemon balm is good for your digestive system and that it helps with sleeping problems. It can even help with tension headaches. There are two stones that can help you with that too. Moss agate is a transparent to milky white stone with green, sometimes reddish brown, mossy inclusions. They are beautiful stones to see. It helps against intestinal disorders and cramps, gives inner peace and makes you feel fit again. The stone aids digestion.


  1. Criteon Balm brings joy. In the past because it smelled nice in your house if you had sprinkled the fresh leaves on your floor, nowadays if you drink a nice glass of iced tea on a hot day. I think you can call yourself a magic herb, so go and put the lemon balm in my herb garden.

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