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Licorice root, for better mucous membrane health

  1. Licorice root is an adaptogenic herb that can provide various health benefits. For example, it is good for the recovery of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract and therefore also good for healing a leaky gut. Licorice root is also a good supportive agent for adrenal exhaustion. Licorice root contains more than 100 components, making it a complex herb. Be careful with licorice root if you have high blood pressure.


  1. The herb licorice root Health benefits The effect of licorice root Cons

The effect of liquorice root

  1. Licorice root works against complaints of too much / too little stomach acid, but also against nausea and stomach pain. It can then be taken as a chewable tablet. Because licorice root has an anti-inflammatory effect and is also good for the recovery of the mucous membranes, licorice root works well in stomach and intestinal ulcers as well as in healing a leaky gut. As an adaptogenic herb, it also appears to have an influence on a good cortisol level and thus supports the adrenal glands. Licorice root also works antiviral and is therefore an herb that can support the immune system. Because it is good for the mucous membranes and can also remove excess mucus, licorice root can be used for coughing and throat complaints. In addition, it is also anti-inflammatory, which often comes in handy for a sore throat. Saltwood root has an estrogen-like effect, so it can help with PMS


  1. It is known that people who use liquorice for too long can suffer from high blood pressure. The ingredient glycyrrhizin can cause this side effect as well as a reduced level of potassium, swelling, headache and shortness of breath. Several groups of people can therefore not take licorice root, such as people with high blood pressure and people with liver and / or kidney problems. That is why there is also licorice extract from which the glycyrrhizic acid has been extracted. This becomes DGL glycyrrhizin

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