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Lipoma: fat bump in trunk, neck, shoulders, armpits or arms

  1. A lipoma is a fat lump or fat bump that is usually found just under the skin. A lipoma is therefore also known as a 'fat bump'. A lipoma can grow from a few millimeters to sometimes more than 10 centimeters. Lipomas can occur almost anywhere on the body, but are most commonly found on the trunk, neck, shoulders, armpits, arms, and thighs. People of any age can develop lipoma, but children rarely develop it. A lipoma usually does not need to be treated. Most lipomas are benign and do not require treatment. When a lipoma is removed, it is often done surgically (excision or resection) or by liposuction, which causes less scarring. A lipoma is only removed if the fat growth is so large and ugly that it gets in your way or is cosmetically very disturbing. A lipoma is also removed if it gets in the way of an organ or hinders it in its task. The prognosis for a lipoma is excellent.

Is a lipoma related to cancer?

  1. A lipoma or fat bump

Symptoms of a lipoma

  1. Symptoms

Treatment of a lipoma

  1. A lipoma does not normally require treatment. However, if a lipoma is in a place where it bothers you and if a lipoma hurts


  1. Prevention of lipomas or fat bumps through diet, exercise or (healthy) lifestyle is not possible. It is possible that exercise can reduce the risk of fat bulging by increasing blood circulation, which prevents fat deposits, because lipomas seem to be more common in women who are (very) overweight.

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