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Losing 10 kilos in 10 days with the lemon juice cure

  1. Would you also like to lose some excess kilos quickly in a short time, and thereby make your body healthier? You can do this by following the lemon juice cure, using maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. This body wash has a very nice side effect, losing pounds.

What exactly does the lemon juice cure entail

  1. The lemon juice cure is actually intended to detoxify the body. The cure relieves the digestive system and thus the intestines and other organs can use all the energy to get rid of stored waste and excess fat and recover in the process.

What do you need and how do you prepare the juice

  1. Lemon juice (freshly squeezed) A can or bottle of C + Maple Syrup Cayenne pepper

Some extra tips

  1. Do not use food products that interfere with the cleaning process. You are also not allowed to smoke, the harmful substances affect the cleaning process. Get plenty of sleep. Give your body a little more rest than usual (do not exercise extensively), you will have less energy this week, but keep moving to still burn fat.

After the cure

  1. Take the time to get your digestive system going again. Start on day 8 with small amounts of easily digestible food and never go back to normal eating straight away, this is much too heavy. After about 3 days you can start eating normally again, you will feel that best. The kilos that you have lost will differ per person, for example someone who is less heavy will also lose weight less quickly than someone who is clearly overweight, in most cases this will be about between 7 and 12 kilos, but this is of course not Guarantee.

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