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Losing weight by making music - Sousaphone or harmonica

  1. What's better than making music and losing weight at the same time? While playing music on the accordion, the grams fly, and after a while, the pounds fly off. It sounds fantastic, but does it do justice to the truth? If you want to lose weight, you better choose another instrument than the flute, accordion or accordion. Then choose drums or the sousaphone. Playing enthusiastically and studying well always helps, even if it doesn't always make you slim. Your game will improve.

Drumming, making music and losing weight

  1. Music and calorie expenditure Losing weight by making music Sousaphone or accordion Drumming is top sport Heart rate and stamina Feeding and gaining weight Play harmonica

Sousaphone or accordion

  1. One instrument is not the other. If you want to lose weight playing music, you can blow the sousaphone better than the accordion

Drumming is top sport

  1. If you really want to use music to combat obesity, it is best to buy a drum kit. The drummer of the band can physically measure himself against a professional football player. Professional drummers are even more physically developed than professional footballers. The performance of Portuguese top football player Cristiano Ronaldo in a tough match is slightly higher than that of the British drummer Clem Burke

Feeding and gaining weight

  1. To stay alive and to keep our hearts racing, humans need calories. We get that energy from food. If we play more Trekzak under the pine / Source: B. Baakman

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