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Losing weight for those who don't have much to spend

  1. A frequently cited reason why people with a lower income are more often overweight is that a bag of chips is simply cheaper than a bag of apples. But is it really true that you have to have money to be able to eat healthy and lose weight? It also appears to be possible for people with a tight budget to live a healthy life and to have a healthy weight. For example, more exercise does not have to cost anything and by eating less you save.

Healthy eating

  1. It is true that a bag of chips is cheaper than a bag of apples. What can you take if you want to eat healthy? First, it is important to do the right shopping. There is a lot to save on food


  1. Eating healthy and exercising does not have to be expensive. If you are motivated enough and are able to listen to your mind instead of your feelings, everyone can live a healthy life and have and keep a healthy weight.

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