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Losing weight with lemon or lemon juice

  1. You must have heard it: you can lose a lot of weight with lemon juice. Is this correct? Is the lemon really good for weight loss? Or is it better not to start? And what about your teeth and the lemon juice? More and more people are following the lemon juice diet to lose some weight. Can you indeed participate in this?

Lemon is a power fruit

  1. Nowadays we hear a lot of reports about fruits that are good for the metabolism and help you lose weight. These will be real superfoods

Alternate with lemon

  1. Don't just drink lemon in water, but alternate a bit. You can use lemon juice for many purposes. For example, put it in the tea to get delicious lemon tea. You can also add it to a salad for a nice fresh taste. If you have fried meat, you can also add some lemon juice afterwards. Often this gives just a little bit extra. You can of course also make your own fruit cocktail, which you also add lemon juice. For example, use fruits such as apples and blueberries and add the juice. For example, make fresh orange juice with lemon juice. Or mix kiwis, blackberries, yoghurt

Lemon juice is not a panacea

  1. Lemon juice can help you lose weight, but it is by no means a panacea. It remains important to eat healthy and exercise enough. Exercise for at least half an hour a day for good results and eat enough vegetables. Try to avoid fats and sugars as much as possible.

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