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Lymphangioma: Symptoms, Cause, Diagnosis and Treatment

  1. What is a lymphangioma? Lymphangiomas are rare congenital benign lymphatic malformations with dilated lymph vessels in the skin. The abnormality is present from birth, but sometimes becomes more apparent over the years. Currently, there are no methods of preventing the formation of such tumors. Treatment is not always necessary. Possible treatment may include surgical removal of the tumor. A new treatment method is the administration of a beta blocker (propanolol). Good results have been achieved with this. The prognosis of lymphangioma is generally good with surgical excision and removal of the entire tumor. Simple lymphangioma does not usually recur, but complex lymphangiomas tend to recur.

Lymphangioma symptoms

  1. The condition is visible as a cluster of small blisters or blisters

Preferred Places

  1. Lymphangiomas can occur anywhere in the skin and mucous membranes. The most common places are the shoulders, the neck and the neck. They are also often seen on the forearm and in the mouth, especially the tongue

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