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Maca root; superfood with side effects

  1. Superfoods are currently all the rage in the food industry. Superfoods describe a few, usually exotic, foods that are said to have an exceptionally high nutritional value and which, moreover, are said to have special health-promoting properties. A relative newcomer to the superfoods is the maca root, also known as maca powder. It is mainly used to get more energy and for prostate complaints. Unfortunately, Maca powder also has side effects, which are often concealed by the suppliers.

Types of maca.

  1. Cream-colored maca

Maca: Aphrodisiac

  1. Maca is also said to work as an aphrodisiac. Unfortunately, maca has been shown to be unsuccessful in scientific studies. In a 12-week randomized double-blind experiment involving 56 men, it was found that maca did not affect any relevant hormones.

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