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Make Mirabelle jam or put the plums in jars

  1. Mirabelle plums are sunny yellow, delicious plums to eat straight from the hand, but they can also be used to make jam or to bake flan and cake. They also lend themselves well to canning in pots. It takes an afternoon of work, but then you will also enjoy it for a long time. Especially in winter, when there are few or no summer fruit varieties for sale. Mirabelle jam is usually not available in normal supermarkets, so it pays to make your own. It is also nice to give a jar of this exclusive mirabelle jam as a gift. After all, this can only be found in specialist shops. Incomprehensible, because it is a very tasty jam that no other plum jam can match.

Mirabelle can also be mixed with apples

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Mirabelle on juice

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Process other fruit in a similar way

  1. Also other fruits, such as peaches, cherries, pears, stewed pears, etc., can be cleaned and sterilized or made into jam as above.

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