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May 'fresh' fish have been frozen first?

  1. Fish that is offered for sale in the Netherlands as "fresh" has not always been caught just before that. The term 'fresh' is not legally defined. Fish that has previously been frozen can be thawed at a later date and thus sold to the consumer. The label of the prepackaged fish will then be labeled "defrosted".


  1. Fish that has been frozen sometimes comes from far away, like tilapia from Thailand. For some fish like herring, it is even an obligation to freeze it first. This does the fishing industry to kill any herring worm.

Frozen fish

  1. On meat or fish that is frozen sold, the date on which the product was first sold frozen. This may have been a relatively long time ago. For example because fish only in is caught for one season, but is available all year round. This date says little about the safety of the product.


  1. As meat or fish fast enough is frozen, get bacteria

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