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Mosquito Bite: Symptoms and Treatment of an Itchy Bump

  1. A mosquito bite can be very annoying and cause annoying itching complaints. A mosquito bite often invites you to scratch, but in the end this worsens the itching. They are female mosquitoes that sting. Female mosquitoes have long, tubular mouthpieces that allow them to pierce your skin effectively to feed on your blood. If the culprit stings you, she'll inject saliva into your body as she draws your blood. This saliva contains proteins that most people are allergic to. Your immune system comes into action, with the result that you develop a mosquito bite that, to make matters worse, often itches heavily. Some people are more likely to suffer from mosquito bites than others. Mosquitoes select their human victims based on the smell of carbon dioxide and other chemicals in your perspiration. There are a number of measures you can take to ease the itchiness of a mosquito bite.

Stinging female midges

  1. Only sting female midges. Heat, light, sweat, body odor, lactic acid and carbon dioxide attract this troublemaker. She makes a hole in a small blood vessel, injects her saliva

Symptoms of a mosquito bite

  1. Mosquito hump and itching

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