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My baby has dry skin

  1. Some babies have very dry skin. Especially babies born a few days or more past their due date may have dry skin.

  1. It may be that the molts are already present at birth. In that case it is easy to see the hands and feet of your baby. The skin loosens there and the entire skin dries quickly. Actually nothing can be done about this.

Longer gestational age

  1. The shedding stops after a few days. After one to two weeks the skin usually looks normal again. Lubricating with baby oil or creams is pointless in this case. The molting is really due to the longer pregnancy and your baby has to 'go through' that. If your baby sheds immediately after birth, it does not mean that he will also have dry skin later on.

Eczema Babies can continue to have a dry skin, sometimes there is eczema. Here it makes sense to keep the skin well oily. Do not allow the skin to dry out, do not bathe your baby too long or too often and avoid soap products. The pharmacy and chemist sell various ointments and creams that have been specially developed for dry baby skin. Vaseline with paraffin, Lanette cream or cetomacrogol cream are examples of this. You can put these ointments on your baby's skin as often as you like as they do not contain any drugs. If the eczema gets worse or if you are in doubt, it is always wise to consult a doctor. This article has been approved by Dr. J.M. de Bont, pediatrician-pediatric neurologist at UMC Utrecht. Last revised September 21, 2018 Also read The fragile baby skin Atopic eczema in babies and toddlers Don't miss anything anymore?

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Don't miss anything anymore?

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