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Nail styling: gel polish on your toenails

  1. It is all about coloring your nails beautifully and strengthening them with gel polish or also called soak off gel. A big advantage of gel polish is that it stays for a long time without being damaged. You can have it done by a nail technician or you can do it yourself. But you can also use this gel polish for your toenails. This way you can enjoy the summer or go to your holiday address.


  1. Gellak is no ordinary nail polish. Gellak dries under a UV lamp. It is applied in a few thin layers and then cured under the lamp in a few minutes. You don't have to wait until the nail polish is finally dry. You can have gel polish applied by a nail technician. She often works with more expensive products and has a lot of experience, which produces a long-lasting beautiful result. However, you can also easily apply and remove gel polish yourself.

Advantages of gel polish

  1. Not harmful to natural nails Cheaper and more natural than artificial nails Quick to apply Provides extra reinforcement to the nails Ideal for the nail biter when used on the fingernails Dry immediately by using the UV lamp Shiny and scratch free nails like never before Don't worry about your nails for a few weeks

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