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Nine things that seem healthy, but aren't

  1. A healthy cereal bar, a tasty smoothie full of fruit, or a responsible bowl of nuts ... Are you on the right track? Sometimes you think that you are healthy, when the reality is different. Nine things that seem healthy, but aren't ...

Low fat products

  1. Are you trying to avoid too much fat in your food? That is a good idea. But be careful with fat-free or low-fat products. Experience shows that fat is a seasoning. Products with less fat will want to create the same taste sensation in a different way. So you often see that low-fat products, instead of fat, contain a lot of hidden sugars. A good example is peanut butter. The unsaturated fats in regular peanut butter are, in moderation, healthy. These healthy fats have been replaced by unhealthy sugars in light peanut butter. And to think that because of those hidden sugars, light


  1. A plate of cornflakes for breakfast is nice, but it's not as good a start to your day as is always assumed. Many of these breakfast cereals are made sweeter with sugar. Sugared breakfast cereals consist of about 40% sugar! Cereals also contain relatively little vegetable protein and dietary fiber. Cereals made from wheat do contain more fiber than cereals made from rice. Do you want a healthy cereal breakfast? Then go for an unsweetened product. Even if you add some sugar yourself, you usually consume less than you would with a sugared version.

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