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Nitrites in urine: Often a sign of a urinary tract infection

  1. The urine is a reliable indicator of a person's health. For example, a urinalysis reveals information about the functioning of the kidneys, the presence of diabetes mellitus (diabetes), a urinary tract infection, the presence of nitrates in the urine often indicates a urinary tract infection, but other causes are known, such as medication use , a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, and diet. The doctor must pay close attention to other signs present because the results of a urine test sometimes give an incorrect picture. With this information it is then possible to prescribe medication and recommend any self-care measures.

Urinalysis Results

  1. The presence of nitrates in the urine is not a good sign. Typically, the analysis indicates whether nitrite is absent or present. If it is present, it indicates an infection or other medical condition. The doctor will therefore have to look for other signs and possibly carry out further investigations. However, not all positive results indicate a medical condition. Several factors cause a false positive, such as a contaminated urine sample or dipstick. On the other hand, negative results do not immediately mean that patients do not have a disease or infection, especially when other symptoms are present. This is, for example, because some microorganisms such as enterococci cannot convert nitrate into nitrite. Consequently, the urinalysis delivers

Causes of Nitrates in Urine

  1. Various causes possibly lead to the presence of nitrates in the urine, especially inflammatory bowel disease

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