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Oyster mushroom healing power

  1. Oyster mushrooms are not only tasty mushrooms but also have scientifically well-founded protective qualities, especially for the prevention of cancer.

Immune stimulating and anti-infectious

  1. Like most mushrooms, the pleuroti are strongly immunomodulating and increase the immune response by activating the macrophages (Wasser Weiss 1999, Zhou 2002).

Anti-neoplastic activity

  1. Prof. Mori demonstrated the anti-carcinogenic activity of various Pleurotus species: 90% inhibition in sarcoma 180 and breast cancer in mice. Injection with a beta-glucan extract has been shown to inhibit tumors for 95% at a dose of 5 mg / 1000 grams. Animals fed the substrate on which the oyster mushrooms were grown were found to be resistant to developing chemically induced cancer!

For heart and blood vessels

  1. Oyster mushrooms therefore have a strong diuretic and anti-edema effect (Domondon 2000), they also improve blood circulation and the hot water extract has antihypertensive properties (Suzuki 2001). In addition, they improve the fatty acid profile in the blood through two different mechanisms:

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