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Parasites: eye worm (loa loa)

  1. The eye worm (loa loa) is a parasite that is transmitted to humans by a fly bite, causing eye worm disease. The worm enters the body and travels through the soft tissues in the body and can eventually get into the eye. This African disease is also called Loiasis. What does this disease mean, how can you get it, what are the symptoms and what should you do to treat it?

How do you get eye worm disease?

  1. This eye worm disease occurs in Central and West Africa and is also called loiasis. It's an infection caused by a parasite called Loa loa. The parasite is transmitted to humans by an infected fly (Chrysops fly)

Health problem

  1. This disease occurs almost exclusively in people in West and Central Africa. It is a rare disease outside this area. Most of the population in this area is infected with eye worm disease. This is a major social health problem. Travelers to this area are also at risk of being infected by a bite from the Chryops fly.

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