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Pearls of Epstein: white bump of gums / palate in baby

  1. Pearls of Epstein indicate white bumps on a baby's gum or a white bump on the palate. These bumps in the mouth are common in newborn babies. Epstein's pearls, also known as 'gingival cysts in a newborn', are small white or yellow bumps (1 to 3 mm in size) that appear on the gums or palate of a newborn. These white bumps on the gum or palate occur in 60-85% of newborns. These bumps are filled with moisture. They are caused by trapped epithelium during the development of the palate. Epstein pearls are not required to be treated, as they almost always disappear on their own by either involution or spontaneous breakthrough.

Symptoms: white bump in gums / palate

  1. Symptoms Epstein pearls are white to yellow nodules and bumps that appear on the gums or palate. They sometimes look like emerging teeth. It is not accompanied by other complaints, such as pain or itching

Is it dangerous?

  1. Epstein pearls are benign cysts, which means that they are not dangerous or painful for your baby. These white bumps don't require treatment and will disappear completely over the course of a few days to weeks. Sometimes friction can be caused by breastfeeding

When to see a doctor?

  1. It can be difficult to distinguish Epstein's Pearls from other causes of a white bump or swelling. Lumps in a baby's mouth can be caused by another condition that may need medical treatment, such as thrush (a yeast infection). And in some very rare cases, small white bumps on the gums or a white bump on the palate


  1. There are no measures you can take to prevent Epstein's pearls. And that is not necessary, because these bumps are completely harmless and do not hurt.

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