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Pears: pome fruit full of fiber

  1. In the list of the most popular fruit varieties in the Netherlands, the pear occupies seventh place. What should you pay attention to when you buy them and how do you store and prepare pears?

  1. Pears are related to apples. Both are so-called pome fruit. These are fruits with seeds wrapped in a small membrane that are in a core. They contain potassium, vitamin C and a lot of dietary fiber, especially in the peel. There are two categories of pears: eating pears and stewed pears. Ripe eating pears can be eaten raw, but stewed pears remain hard and must be heated first.

Buy and keep

  1. Buy pears that look smooth, have no brown spots and are firm to the touch. If eating pears are still hard, you can let them ripen in the fruit bowl. Place them near a banana to speed up this process. If the pulp close to the stem gives it a little bit when you press it gently, they are ripe. Pears will keep for about a week in a cool place and even longer in the refrigerator. Stewed pears can be kept in a cool place for a few weeks. Eating pears are available all year round, both from the Netherlands and abroad. Autumn and winter are the seasons for stewed pears.


  1. Eating pears can be eaten straight from the hand. Wash them well beforehand. Some people prefer to peel them, but you lose some of the dietary fiber. Pear can be used in both sweet and savory baked goods and dishes such as salads, cakes and desserts. Stewed pears are not edible raw, you have to cook them first. Peel them, leave the stalk if necessary and boil them over low heat in water for 40 to 50 minutes. Make sure they stay submerged. For red stewed pears you need more patience. After two to four hours of boiling, some varieties, such as the Gieser Wildeman, turn red. You can also cook stewed pears in red wine, port or berry juice for a nice color. Or add some pear red or pear sugar while cooking.


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