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Peeling beetroot without red hands

  1. Do you suffer from stubborn red marks on your hands after cutting beets? No need for anything, because there is a simple solution that everyone has in the kitchen cupboard. Bet?

  1. Fortunately, Dutch red beets are available all year round, but from July to October is the original season and they are at their very best. The vegetables are extremely versatile: you can of course eat them raw or in a salad, but you can also try something different with them. Beet chips, beet soup or beet carpaccio for example. Actually, this sympathetic red tuber has only one drawback: you get those ugly red spots on your hands when cutting. By the way, cutting red cabbage has the same effect.

Olive oil

  1. Luckily there is an easy kitchen trick to combat these stains. If you rub your hands with olive oil before peeling and / or cutting the beets, you can wipe off the red with a tissue after the job (or just wash your hands with soap and water, that also works). An additional advantage: it also gives you nice soft hands.

Other solutions A raw potato also seems to work to remove the beetroot stains. Cut a raw potato in half, dip it in some salt or sugar (for the grinding effect) if necessary, and rub your hands with it under running tap water. You can also always use the well-known trick with lemon juice. Just don't do this if you have open cuts on your hands; this is going to bite through the citric acid. In the video below you can see how to remove the stains with lemon. Don't miss anything anymore?

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Don't miss anything anymore?

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