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Pelvic instability during or after pregnancy

  1. During pregnancy, the pelvic area becomes softer under the influence of pregnancy hormones in order to ensure a good birth during delivery. Softening the pelvis causes problems for some women. Various complaints can arise that are related to the weakness of the pelvis. All these complaints fall under the heading of pelvic instability or pelvic pain. Below the common complaints and what you can do about it.

The complaints and symptoms:

  1. Pain on or around the pubic bone with possible radiation on the inside of the thigh towards the groin or to the sheath; Pain in the coccyx that often increases with exertion such as bending over, twisting movements of the back (for example in bed) or other unexpected jerky movements; A well-known characteristic is starting pain. The pain arises or increases with beginning movement, such as getting up from a chair or walking away from a stationary position; Fatigue is associated with pelvic complaints. After a certain effort it takes longer to recover, sometimes the woman is still tired in the body the day after the effort.

What can you do?

  1. Rest is important after exercise and prevents worsening of the complaints. Keep moving, but alternate with plenty of rest. Walking is better than strolling Cycling is easier than walking and is less taxing Change your sitting or lying position regularly Think about every position: make sure that your pelvis is upright as much as possible with every movement, including when sitting. For example, do not bend down crookedly and do not sit with one leg over the other, but with two legs straight next to each other. A wooden chair is better than a chair you sink into. A garden chair can also provide comfort. Remember what a particular movement does to you. How long do you need to recover? Do the job in stages and have a good rest in between.

Other possibilities are:

  1. Purchase a special pelvic band. This band provides support to the pelvic area. Consult with your doctor whether it is wise to purchase such a band in your situation and when it is best to wear it. Sleep on your side with a pillow between the legs. This often feels very pleasant. When getting out of bed, it is wise to push yourself up from the side position from your arms and then get up from the sitting position. Dress yourself on and off while sitting. Closed leg positions are best during sex! So for example in the side position. Do the housework while sitting on a stool with wheels. In addition, it is wise to push the stool back with your feet if you want to go somewhere. Driving forward while seated is heavier and more stressful for the body.

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