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Pomegranate in the Bible and beyond

  1. And they came to the valley of Eshcol, and cut down from there a branch with a cluster of grapes, and they carried it with the two of them on a staff. also of pomegranates and figs ..... Your lips are like a scarlet cord, and your speech is pleasant; the temple of your head is like a piece of a pomegranate between your braids. Song of Songs 4: 3

Pomegranate Botanical.

  1. The pomegranate, Punica granatum is the only genus of the Punicaceae family and consists of two types: the common pomegranate, which is grown everywhere as a tree or as a shrub and a very small variety with small flowers and fruits, which are only kept for decoration. The elongated, uncut leaves periodically fall off. The fiery red blossoms appear in late spring and fall out in late summer. The fruits are red, the size of an apple.

Punica granatum medicinal past and present.

  1. In the past, the root bark was mainly used medicinally as a worm-propellant. In the pharmacy books it was called Cortex Granati and it was used for the preparation of Extractum Granati. But even now the tree and more the pomegranate itself or the juice are again grown and used for medicinal purposes. The vitamins and polyphenols with their strong anti-oxidant effect are the main active ingredients in this fruit. The best scientifically researched indications of the pomegranate juice are problems with the heart and blood vessels: arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart weakness. The juice can also be used to prevent various types of cancer, especially of the prostate. It may also help with erection problems. The seeds have an estrogenic effect, making them a good nutritional supplement during the transition. The singing of the pomegranate in the song of songs as an emblem of fertility and as an apple of love, now takes on a very real, hormonal meaning.

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