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Pregnancy sickness, a nasty pregnancy ailment

  1. Even if you only just know that a baby is on the way, you can already suffer from morning sickness. This morning sickness varies greatly from woman to woman. While one woman has to vomit a little every day, the other is even admitted to hospital for the morning sickness and vomiting. In this article you can read why you are so nauseous and what you can do about it.

The cause of morning sickness

  1. The exact cause of morning sickness is unknown. Scientists suspect that the nausea is caused by the hormone hCG, which is produced in large numbers by the body in the first weeks of pregnancy. The placenta starts to produce hormones just after the fertilized egg has been divided, which ensure that no new ovulation will take place. This increases the amount of hCG in your blood and can cause nausea during pregnancy. Over time, your hormone levels hit

Be careful with morning sickness

  1. In principle, morning sickness and vomiting are not bad for the unborn baby. However, it can happen that you gain less weight or maybe even lose weight. Usually, however, a woman has enough reserves that this weight loss

Tips for morning sickness

  1. If you feel nauseous early in the morning, get up carefully and don't jump out of bed right away. Take it easy and possibly set your alarm a little earlier. Do not eat large quantities at the same time, but divide your food over a number of servings per day. If you have a lot of nausea at night, eat something small before you go to bed. It is better to avoid spicy and fatty meals in the near future.

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