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Pregnancy test negative, no menstruation

  1. Missing periods is usually the first sign of pregnancy. The use of a pregnancy test offers a solution and certainty. However, what if the pregnancy test is negative (not pregnant) but the menstrual period is missing? Or the other way around, that you are in the menopause and the pregnancy test indicates that you are pregnant! Other causes of menstruation to stop are eating disorders, medication use, menopause, stress and extreme weight loss.

Do a pregnancy test: Pregnancy test is negative, no menstruation

  1. After performing a pregnancy test

Total absence of menstruation

  1. Every woman should immediately - without any medical indication and she is not pregnant - immediately notify the general practitioner and / or gynecologist in the absence of menstruation! Failure to menstruate without being pregnant should be investigated. It could mean infertility or reduced fertility, or maybe even the first sign of menopause

Pregnant and menopause

  1. In the years just before the menopause, the women are in the “menopause”. Menstruation and menstrual cycle will be irregular

Unpilling or pregnant?

  1. Certainly after stopping the contraceptive the hormonal changes can cause complaints that are not clear. Are these signs or symptoms of pregnancy?

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