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Pregnant and ginger nuts or spice nuts

  1. Pepernoten are one of the most famous Sinterklaas delicacies. Where ginger nuts used to consist of anise-like chunks of chewy teeth, nowadays the crunchy spice nuts are meant. They can be found in the shops from August and are eaten until the Sinterklaas party on December 5. Due to the small size, you usually eat several at a time. This can lead to you overeating quickly. Because spice nuts contain cinnamon, it is wise not to eat too much of it during pregnancy. But how many can you eat and why can too many spice nuts be bad for pregnant women?

Harmful substances in cinnamon

  1. Both ginger nuts and spice nuts contain cinnamon. Cinnamon can be harmful during pregnancy

Gingerbread during pregnancy

  1. As can be seen in the table, you can eat a fair amount of ginger nuts and spice nuts during pregnancy. The amounts in the table are the maximum recommended amounts. It is better to stay under this and keep it with a handful of ginger nuts or spice nuts. Spice nuts in particular contain a lot of sugar and saturated fats and little valuable nutrients for the baby. This does not take into account other cinnamon-containing products that are eaten during the day. Apple pie, gingerbread, speculaas or some teas also contain cinnamon. If these products are eaten on the same day, you can of course eat less gingerbread cookies.

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