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Pregnant and quiche

  1. Quiches often contain raw eggs and cheese, but smoked salmon and raw ham are also regularly found in quiches. Some pregnant women wonder how safe it is to eat quiche during pregnancy. Which ingredients can be used in quiche and what about ready-to-eat quiches from the supermarket?


  1. There are many different quiche varieties. One variant will be healthier than the other. In general, quiche is usually a meal that contains a lot of saturated fats. This is because quiche is prepared with a lot of butter and cream. Quiche also often contains a lot of cheese and sometimes fatty meat such as bacon. Yet there are also healthy quiche recipes

Quiche during pregnancy

  1. Quiche is safe to eat during pregnancy. Quiche containing ingredients that normally pose a risk to pregnant women, such as smoked salmon, soft cheese made from unpasteurized milk or raw meats, are also safe because these ingredients are sufficiently heated during preparation. Ready-to-eat quiches, or leftover leftovers, are best heated thoroughly before use for safety.

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