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Pregnant and roast beef

  1. Roast beef is a nice, lean piece of red meat that is often eaten as a sandwich filling. Because roast beef is still red on the inside, it is not recommended to eat it during pregnancy. Raw meat has a chance of being contaminated with Listeria or Toxoplasma, both of which can lead to serious complications during pregnancy. But what about roast beef that is roasted itself?

Bacteria during pregnancy

  1. However, a different story applies to pregnant women. Because of their reduced resistance, they can contract a food infection more quickly. In addition, there is a bacterium and a parasite that must be paid special attention to during pregnancy, namely the parasite Toxoplasma Gondii and the bacterium Listeria Monocytogenes

Roast beef during pregnancy

  1. Roast beef is a risk product for pregnant women because it may contain both Listeria and Toxoplasma. It is therefore not recommended to eat roast beef during pregnancy. Sliced ​​roast beef as a sandwich filling is certainly risky, because the risk of contamination is greater. However, the risk of Listeria is limited if the meat is very fresh and prepared fresh. Toxoplasma is killed by freezing at -20 degrees for two days. However, Listeria can grow further during the defrosting of the meat, which makes fresh frozen roast beef not very sensible for pregnant women. Roast beef can be eaten by pregnant women if the meat is properly heated, whereby the core temperature has been above 70 degrees Celsius. Overcooked roast beef is just not appreciated by everyone.

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