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Pregnant and roquefort

  1. Eating raw milk soft mold cheeses is not recommended during pregnancy. This is because raw milk can be contaminated with Listeria, a bacteria that can cause stillbirth or miscarriage during pregnancy. Roquefort is also a soft blue cheese made from raw sheep's milk. This cheese is not as dangerous during pregnancy as is often thought. Listeria has never been found in roquefort, which makes it seem as if there are exceptions to the rule.

Listeria in raw sheep's milk

  1. Listeria

Roquefort during pregnancy

  1. Because Listeria has never been found in Roquefort, you can assume that this cheese is safe to eat during pregnancy. Be careful with other soft cheeses made from raw milk. There are many types of blue cheese, some of which are made from raw milk. Listeria may grow in these products, making these cheeses unsafe to eat during pregnancy.

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