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Pregnant and yogurt

  1. It is recommended to take enough milk products during pregnancy. Milk products contain calcium, a mineral that is essential for the development of the baby's skeleton and teeth. Yogurt can also have a positive effect on bowel movements and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. It is therefore also good for pregnant women to eat a bowl of yogurt every day. But is all yogurt safe to eat during pregnancy?

Bacteria in yogurt

  1. Yogurt contains many bacteria that are responsible for the typical sour yogurt taste. However, these bacteria are harmless and often have a positive effect on health. Another advantage of these bacteria is that the lactic acid inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. The pH of yogurt falls below 4.4 during preparation. At this pH, the bacteria that can harm the baby during pregnancy, namely Listeria monocytogenes, cannot grow. In addition, there is a parasite that can have serious consequences if one is infected during pregnancy, this is the parasite Toxoplasma gondii

Yogurt during pregnancy

  1. Almost all yogurt is safe to eat for pregnant women. Only homemade yogurt can be harmful in some cases, if it is made from raw milk and is insufficiently or not pasteurized, as well as not properly acidified. In all other cases, it is advisable to eat yogurt during pregnancy as it has a number of positive effects on the health of the pregnant woman and the baby. Some examples include improving bowel movements, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and developing the baby's skeleton.

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