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Pregnant? Don't paint!

  1. Women who are pregnant or want to become pregnant should leave it out of their minds to paint a room. The chemicals in paint negatively affect the unborn baby. All kinds of chemicals enter your body through inhalation. These will remain there for months. In fact, a baby may be harmed if you paint indoors a year before conceiving a baby.

Other cancers

  1. The US Children Cancer Group commissioned a large study of women who worked with paint and paint thinner before the baby arrived. This study showed that these women were twice as likely to have a child with ALL than. Source: Grant E. Hamilton, Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

Other disorders

  1. Besides serious ailments such as cancer and sperm problems, paint is a cause of respiratory complaints, throat diseases, asthma and allergies. Again, children suffer more from it than adults. That's not just because kids Source: The Marmot, Flickr (CC BY-2.0)


  1. Despite legal limits on the number of toxins in paint, people still get cancer and simple wall paint is the cause of many fatalities. Manufacturers do not appear to remove toxins from paint on their own; so we have to wait for new government measures. Consumers can decide for themselves what to throw at the wall; if everyone switches to less toxic alternatives, the major toxic paint manufacturers must follow suit. There are still painting companies that make paints based on linseed oil. Below are some sites where you can buy non-toxic paint:

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