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Pregnant on vacation

  1. Pregnant and on vacation, that's easy. But it is not always useful to go on holiday, for example when you are heavily pregnant or when you have bleeding. Everything abroad is arranged a bit differently than we are used to here. Popular holiday destinations are Egypt, Bali, France, Turkey or Greece. A number of other popular foreign holiday destinations are also reviewed. What tips should you definitely take with you when you go on holiday with pregnancy, both in your own country and abroad.

Pregnant on vacation: tips

  1. Are you going on vacation and are you pregnant? This doesn't have to be a problem at all. A pregnant woman can go on vacation just as well as any other woman. There are, however, a number of things that must be taken into account. For example, it is useful to always take your insurance papers with you, in addition to the papers of the midwife. Nowadays many midwives store your data digitally, but you could ask for a printout or at least write down the most important data and take it with you on holiday. Write down your blood type, the due date and details such as your blood sugar level, blood pressure or other details.

America, Bali, Egypt, Mexico, Turkey

  1. Whichever country you go to, you have a long flight ahead of you. During the flight, as a pregnant woman, you are more likely to get deep vein thrombosis. To prevent this, it is advisable to drink plenty of water during the flight. If necessary, some aspirin can be taken beforehand. This thins the blood.

France, Greece, Europe

  1. Closer to home, in Europe, hygiene is good to reasonable in many places. If you don't trust it, drink bottled water available at the supermarket. Don't just drink water from a fountain or a street tap. In Greece you can generally safely eat tzatziki, feta and meat. The condition is that meat is well done. Consider asking if feta is not made from raw milk. Avoid eating raw salads or vegetables in a restaurant. You never know whether it has been cleaned sufficiently. Be careful with fish.

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