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Progesterone can prevent early miscarriage

  1. A miscarriage is of course the worst thing that can happen to a pregnant woman. Anyone who has had a miscarriage more than once in an early stage of pregnancy may wonder whether something is wrong. This may be the case and the hormone progesterone can prevent bleeding and eventually miscarriage in the first months. However, not all doctors prescribe the drug so quickly and you often have to explicitly ask about it as a patient.

Progesterone and miscarriage prevention

  1. What is progesterone? Progesterone and the prevention of miscarriage Much more normal in other countries Extra vitamins and minerals

What is progesterone?

  1. Progesterone is a sex hormone produced by the ovary in the second phase (luteal phase) of the menstrual cycle. During pregnancy, the hormone is produced in much greater quantities by the placenta. It is also called corpus luteum hormone

Much more normal in other countries

  1. In countries such as Italy and France, progesterone is a commonly used drug among women at increased risk of miscarriage. Because people in the Netherlands are not yet sufficiently convinced of the effect of progesterone, it is not yet prescribed so often. In the Netherlands, progesterone is available under the names Utrogestan and Lutinus

Extra vitamins and minerals

  1. During pregnancy, all kinds of changes in the woman's body and the need for vitamins and minerals change as a result. Whether you have an increased risk of miscarriage or not, it is always important to keep your body in optimal condition. You do this by, among other things, maintaining your intake of folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium and tocopherols. Vitamin preparations especially for pregnant women are available from various brands, including Davitamon, Aov, Orthica, New Care, Minami and Biovitaal.

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