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Protect your hair in the summer

  1. Not only does your skin need to be protected in the summer, your hair also has to endure a lot. UV rays, salt and chlorine in water, sand and wind can dull your hair, dry it out and affect its color. Here's what to do to protect your hair.

Sun and wind

  1. On the beach there are almost all bad influences for your hair. Heat and wind make your hair dry and brittle and the sun causes your hair to lose pigment. This makes hair dry and unmanageable.

Salt, chlorine and sand

  1. If you've been swimming in the sea, you usually rub your hair dry. This is normally not good for your hair, but at the beach there is also salt and sand between the hair. These damage the hair even more when drying. Many people tie their hair with a rubber band before going for a swim. This is not a good idea! Water ensures that your hair expands and can get up to three times their normal width. The elastic becomes too tight around the hair and creates a break line, which is only visible after a few months. Salt water, along with sunlight, also makes your hair lighter. Chlorine is also a culprit for the hair. If you swim in chlorinated water a lot, your hair can get dry. Chlorine can also fade your hair color, or worse, change your hair color. For example, blonde hair can turn green. You can solve this by smearing tomato ketchup in it. Let it soak in and rinse. Your hair is now beautiful blonde again.

Tips against summer hair damage

  1. Gently pat your hair dry. Do not rub, because you will damage the hair

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