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Quantum Touch: heal with your hands

  1. Quantum Touch is an energetic treatment method that came over from America. The technique was developed by Richard Gordon, who has written several books about this.

A self-healing method

  1. The Quantum Touch practitioner uses breathing techniques and body awareness to generate energy. Especially through his breathing he increases the frequency of the vibrations in his hands. The energy is transferred through specific hand positions.

Fast results

  1. Quantum Touch Is a safe and effective treatment method, which often shows results after a few treatments. This way of healing has a direct effect on the body. During the treatment, the structure of the body is already being rearranged. Shifts of bones and joints are often immediately visible. For example, Quantum Touch is often used in posture corrections. Pain and inflammation can also be quickly reduced. Organs, systems and glands are balanced during treatment.

In addition to other treatments

  1. Quantum Touch is very popular because it can complement other treatments. Because it increases the power of the treatment, this method is increasingly used by chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and Reiki practitioners among others.

An advantage for everyone

  1. Everyone can benefit from a Quantum Touch treatment. Because the body is brought into balance, you quickly get a relaxed feeling. You can even choose to actively participate in the session and reinforce it by following the breathing exercises. Almost anyone can learn the technique and apply it after some practice. Moreover, you can treat yourself very easily. Richard Gordon's books show step by step how to get started with energy.

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