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Rapeseed oil: when in doubt, do not buy

  1. Is canola oil good or bad? Science is divided on it. You can decide for yourself. Some think it is a scandal that it can be sold. In any case, the industry is happy with cheap oil with a high profit margin. Rapeseed oil has no healing power. In contrast to almost all other oils, rapeseed oil was hardly consumed in earlier times. It was only used as a lamp oil.

Naming rapeseed oil

  1. The Latin name for rapeseed oil is Brassica Napus. Rapeseed oil is a relative novice among the oils sold as foodstuffs. Some researchers, such as Brian Peskin

Dangers of canola oil

  1. Scientific research done in Spain in 2006 shows that rapeseed oil can cause skin diseases such as mucinosis and toxic sclerodermatosis. Chinese scientific research from 1992 shows that rapeseed oil is carcinogenic. Heating rapeseed oil in particular can lead to lung cancer, according to the researchers. Canola oil that is produced for nutritional purposes is a genetically engineered plant that can affect other crops. Farm waste consisting of the roots of rapeseed plant contains potential toxins that are bad for humans.

Fatty acids in rapeseed oil:

  1. Palmitic acid: 5.4% Stearic Acid: 1.6% Oleic acid: 57.5% Linoleic acid: 21.5% Alpha linolenic acid: 8.5% Other fatty acids: 5.5%

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