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Re-freeze thawed food? Which can!

  1. Most of us are convinced that thawed food should not be refrozen. There would be too great a risk of food poisoning. The bacteria that develop and multiply during thawing remain in the product during refreezing. They would then develop more quickly on a second thaw. That can lead to food poisoning. Nevertheless, it appears that it is possible to freeze a second time, but only under certain conditions.

Freezing food

  1. Frozen products can no longer be ignored in our society. A freezer or a fridge with a freezer compartment is standard among our kitchen appliances. But why do we freeze food? By freezing food we can keep it much longer. After all, the low temperatures ensure that bacteria, enzymes and microorganisms in the product cannot develop further. The food product spoils much less quickly and therefore has a much longer shelf life. Freezing must be done at the lowest possible temperature, namely at -24 °. Frozen products are stored at -18 °.

Thawing food

  1. It is very important to properly defrost frozen food. Bacteria should not be allowed to develop and multiply at lightning speed. Otherwise, the risk of food poisoning will increase.

Can defrosted food be refrozen?

  1. Suppose you took meat out of the freezer the night before and put it in the fridge so that it thawed in time for dinner. But due to unexpected circumstances, you don't eat at home for the next two days. What are you doing with the meat? You can of course always prepare it and then freeze it. Or you can throw it away, but that is food waste. Can't you refreeze it without pre-baking or frying it?

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