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Real spoon blade: health benefits and active ingredients

  1. The real spoon leaf, botanically named Cochlearia officinalis, is a plant that comes from the family of the finial family (Brassicaceae). The leaves and flowers of this plant are used for the production of medicines. Real spoon blade was once used by sailing ship crew members on long voyages to the Far East to prevent a disease called scurvy, which is caused by a vitamin C deficiency. This is where the name 'scurvy herb' comes from. Scurvy was a common problem among sailors who were unable to eat fresh fruit while at sea. The plant contains a lot of vitamin C. Real spoon leaf is used for vitamin C deficiency, gout, arthritis, stomach ache and water retention. It can also fight bacteria and act as a laxative.

Active substances and application

  1. Nutritional value Real spoon blade contains a variety of active ingredients that can be used in medicine. These ingredients are vitamin C

Safety and side effects

  1. General

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