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Relaxing herbal tea, mint tea, juniper oil

  1. Relaxing herbal tea: Rose petals are soothing and rose hips are stimulating. Thyme ensures that the muscles relax, while lavender flowers and lemon balm are very invigorating. Mint tea: This tea is good for heartburn. Serve the tea warm or as iced tea. Juniper Oil: This essence and mild almond oil, both of which are fortifying for both body and mind, combine excellently in a delicious massage oil.


  1. Relaxing herbal tea Mint tea Juniper Oil

Relaxing herbal tea

  1. Supplies Rosehips Fragrant rose Lemon balm Lavender flowers

Mint tea

  1. Requirements 50 g fresh mint leaf 25 g dried mint leaf 600 ml of water 1 cutting board 1 knife 1 glass teapot 1 sieve

Juniper oil

  1. Requirements 115 ml mild almond oil A few drops of gin essence

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